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Water Sports

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka is an experience that should not be missed. Explore the beauties of the oceans flora and fauna hidden beneath the surface.



A cross between snorkelling and scuba diving, the sport is an easy and safe way to explore the diversity of marine life. Additionally, Snuba offers swimmers the opportunity to safely experience the underwater world at deeper depths than snorkelling, without requiring prior diving certification.

A typical Snuba dive takes swimmers to about six meters below the surface, where a wider variety of aquatic life can be observed.


Jet Ski

If you are into high speed thrills, this Jet Ski adventure is just the thing for you



Bring on your sense of adventure and take our kayaks out to sea to explore and observe the marine life around you.


Towable Rides

Go for a wet and wild towable ride to beat the heat. Give in to the thrill of skimming across the water behind a power boat - this is one fast ride!


Wake Boarding

Hang on for the ride of your life ... learn to wakeboard and find out what the buzz is all about.

If it’s your first time wakeboarding, feel the rush as the rope goes taut and you feel yourself being pulled to your feet. As your skills and confidence increase, start crossing the wake or get some air as you perform your first jump.

Closest distance to water sporting: 22km

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