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The shores of Sri Lanka drew traders from around the world for hundreds of years in search of gems, spices and other treasured items. Through these periodsthe island accumulated some of its finest architecture and style in living.

Tamarind Hill by Asia Leisure is a manor house in Galle that was built over 250 years ago by Don Johannes Amarasiri,a wealthy Sri Lankan aristocrat.This home gained most prominence when it was subsequently the official residence of the British Admiral of the Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company – the famed 'P&O Line'. Through the years Tamarind Hill hasstood as a symbol of nobility.

Today, Tamarind Hill is a colonial style luxury boutique hotel. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Galle has many historical buildings,yet Tamarind Hill shines as one of the most illustrious and romantic of its time. A resort close to the Galle Fort, it is an ideal place from which to explore this city too.

Tamarind Hill is a Small Luxury Hotel of the World.

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